About our Program

For over 30 years, Crime Stopper of the Sioux Empire is a non-profit organization led by a Board of Directors that provides direction as to the financial and promotional activities of the program. The Board enhances the community involvement aspect and its function is vital to the programs success.

Rewards and program funding is made possible through donations and fundraising events such as the Annual Shred EventNO TAX DOLLARS are involved!

The Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire Board meets monthly to evaluate tips leading to arrests and decide on the size of their cash rewards.

Mission Statement

Crime Stoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Crime Stoppers provides a method for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes. These efforts increase tips, which in turn increase arrests in our community.

Who is Involved

Monty Misfeldt      President
Josh Callahan      Vice-President
Janet Gillespie      Secretary
Deb Ziemke      Treasurer
Darcy Anderson      Board Member
Jay Buchholz      Board Member
Jim David      Board Member
Carolyn Dick      Board Member
Norman Dittman      Board Member
Roger Ellingson      Board Member
Scott Hannemann      Board Member
Mike Humpal      Board Member
Danielle Krech      Board Member
Lisa Ottmar      Board Member
Jessie Schmidt      Board Member
Al Small      Board Member
Mark Buehler      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Jesse Callahan      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Otto Hagedorn      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Karl Koball      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Kathy Lueth      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Tom Simmons      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Tim Stark      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Rick Tupper      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Denny Wickstrom      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Craig Wilbur      Advisory Member (non-voting)
Lt. Randy Brink (Sioux Falls Police Department)      Community Advisor (non-voting)
Chad Brown (Lincoln County)      Community Advisor (non-voting)
Jason Gearman (Minnehaha County)      Community Advisor (non-voting)
Miles Schumacher (Legal Counsel)      Community Advisor (non-voting)